Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join an expedition?

Mission Specialists are selected for their ability to provide necessary support or skills to achieve the mission objectives. To join an expedition, you must request an application. Your request and responses to a few questions will allow the Argus Expeditions team to assess your qualifications and perhaps schedule a phone or Skype interview prior to sending you a link to the more detailed crew application.

How long is a submersible dive?

Dive duration is determined by the dive objectives and depth. Typical dives are about 3 hours long but may be longer for deep dives requiring a long descent and ascent.

What is a mission specialist?

A mission specialist is a visiting crew member who supports the crew during an expedition by contributing his/her expertise, participating in the submersible dives, supporting marine operations on the surface support vessels, and financially supporting the expedition. Before or during the expedition, Mission Specialists learn the skills needed to support the scientists, operations team and/or submersible crew.

What mission specialist roles are available?

Mission Specialists support the expedition in roles aboard the submersible, as well as during surface operations. Available roles are determined by the mission requirements and crew roster.
Dive roles include: sonar operator, videographer, communications specialist, navigator and life support monitor.
Surface operations roles include: submersible service technician, sonar image analyst, communications specialist, videographer, video editor, dive planner, deckhand, LARS operator, and tender operator.
The opportunity to perform these roles is based on each individual’s aptitude and desire.

How deep are the expedition dives?

OceanGate Inc. provides the submersibles we use for our missions. These vehicles are capable of diving to depths of 500 meters (1640 feet). The depth of each dive depends on the expedition location and objectives. See specific expedition pages for details.

What expeditions do you have planned?

Please see our Expeditions page for a list of opportunities we are exploring.

What services or amenities are available during an expedition?

Specific vessel amenities and services vary depending on the expedition location and specific vessel(s) used. Details will be published on the crew-only website page for each expedition.

Is there a doctor onboard?

No. We do not commonly have physicians onboard the surface support vessels or submersibles. A limited number of full time crew members have emergency medical training and all full time crew members have a current first aid training certificate for assistance with minor injuries. In extreme cases, medical evacuation may be possible, although factors such as weather conditions, sea state, and distance from shore may restrict or eliminate these options. Availability of specific medical resources will be published on the crew-only website page for each expedition.

Is alcohol available or permitted?

No. Our expeditions are work trips with a mission — and a strong emphasis on crew safety. As such, alcohol is not permitted aboard any of the vessels.