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A limited number of qualified applicants may be offered the opportunity to join the Argus Expeditions crew as a Mission Specialist and actively participate in a manned submersible expedition.

To Become a Mission Specialist

  1. Review the qualifications and eligibility requirements below
  2. Request a crew application.

Your application request will be reviewed by the Argus Expeditions team and a follow up call may be scheduled to answer any questions. If you are offered the opportunity to become a Mission Specialist, we will then provide access to private website pages with more detailed expedition information.


Argus Expeditions seeks Mission Specialists who:

  • Want to contribute to the success of the expedition by actively participating in ways that suit their experience and aptitude.
  • Are curious and have a passion for the ocean
  • Have experience at sea
  • Participate in outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, cycling, etc.
  • Have previously been on expeditions or adventures of more than 3 days

Mission Specialist Requirements

  1. Be able to live aboard an expedition vessel at sea for up to one week
  2. Be able to board small boats (Zodiacs) in rough seas
  3. Have a valid passport
  4. Be at least 18 years of age at the time the expedition commences
  5. Be able to fit through 21” diameter hatch opening
  6. Be comfortable in dynamic environments where plans and timetables may change.
  7. Can demonstrate basic balance, mobility and flexibility (i.e. climb a 6 foot step ladder, carry 20 lbs., etc.)
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